Watershed Transform

Labels propagation by watershed transformation. Output buffer will keep the input format. Unlabelled pixels are marked with a given flag value (by default: last component with NULL value). The aux buffer is a "Y u8" image representing the priority levels (lower value is higher priority). If aux is absent, all labellized pixels have the same priority and propagated labels have a lower priority.
Index of component flagging unlabelled pixels
Index of component flagging unlabelled pixels
name: flag-component type: int default: -1 minimum: -inf maximum: +inf ui-minimum: -1 ui-maximum: 4 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 1 ui-step-big: 2
Pointer to flag value for unlabelled pixels
name: flag type: format
name: gegl:watershed-transform
pads: aux input output
parent-class: GeglOperationFilter
categories: hidden
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