Performs n-point image deformation
Model - basic element we operate on
name: model type: pointer
Square Size
Size of an edge of square the mesh consists of
name: square-size type: int default: 20 minimum: 5 maximum: 1000 ui-minimum: 5 ui-maximum: 1000 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 1 ui-step-big: 100
The number of deformation iterations
name: rigidity type: int default: 100 minimum: 0 maximum: 10000 ui-minimum: 0 ui-maximum: 10000 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 1 ui-step-big: 5
ASAP Deformation
ASAP deformation is performed when TRUE, ARAP deformation otherwise
name: asap-deformation type: boolean default: False
MLS Weights
Use MLS weights
name: mls-weights type: boolean default: False
MLS Weights Alpha
Alpha parameter of MLS weights
name: mls-weights-alpha type: double default: 1.00 minimum: 0.10 maximum: 2.00 ui-minimum: 0.10 ui-maximum: 2.00 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 0.00 ui-step-big: 0.10 ui-digits: 3
Preserve Model
When TRUE the model will not be freed
name: preserve-model type: boolean default: False
Sampler used internally
name: sampler-type type: enum
name: gegl:npd
pads: input output
parent-class: GeglOperationFilter
categories: transform
GEGL This page is part of the online GEGL Documentation, GEGL is a data flow based image processing library/framework, made to fuel GIMPs high-bit depth non-destructive editing future.