Combine Exposures

Combine multiple scene exposures into one high dynamic range image.
Exposure values
Relative brightness of each exposure in EV
name: exposures type: string default: 
Discretization bits
Log2 of source's discretization steps
name: steps type: int default: 13 minimum: 8 maximum: 32 ui-minimum: 8 ui-maximum: 32 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 1 ui-step-big: 5
Weight sigma
Weight distribution sigma controlling response contributions
name: sigma type: double default: 8.00 minimum: 0.00 maximum: 32.00 ui-minimum: 0.00 ui-maximum: 32.00 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 0.01 ui-step-big: 1.00 ui-digits: 3
name: gegl:exp-combine
pads: exposure-99 exposure-98 exposure-97 exposure-96 exposure-95 exposure-94 exposure-93 exposure-92 exposure-91 exposure-90 exposure-89 exposure-88 exposure-87 exposure-86 exposure-85 exposure-84 exposure-83 exposure-82 exposure-81 exposure-80 exposure-79 exposure-78 exposure-77 exposure-76 exposure-75 exposure-74 exposure-73 exposure-72 exposure-71 exposure-70 exposure-69 exposure-68 exposure-67 exposure-66 exposure-65 exposure-64 exposure-63 exposure-62 exposure-61 exposure-60 exposure-59 exposure-58 exposure-57 exposure-56 exposure-55 exposure-54 exposure-53 exposure-52 exposure-51 exposure-50 exposure-49 exposure-48 exposure-47 exposure-46 exposure-45 exposure-44 exposure-43 exposure-42 exposure-41 exposure-40 exposure-39 exposure-38 exposure-37 exposure-36 exposure-35 exposure-34 exposure-33 exposure-32 exposure-31 exposure-30 exposure-29 exposure-28 exposure-27 exposure-26 exposure-25 exposure-24 exposure-23 exposure-22 exposure-21 exposure-20 exposure-19 exposure-18 exposure-17 exposure-16 exposure-15 exposure-14 exposure-13 exposure-12 exposure-11 exposure-10 exposure-9 exposure-8 exposure-7 exposure-6 exposure-5 exposure-4 exposure-3 exposure-2 exposure-1 exposure-0 output
parent-class: GeglOperationFilter
categories: compositors
GEGL This page is part of the online GEGL Documentation, GEGL is a data flow based image processing library/framework, made to fuel GIMPs high-bit depth non-destructive editing future.