GEGL Glossary


A link/pipe routing image flow between operations within the graph goes from an output pad to an input pad, in graph glossary this might also be referred to as an edge.


Directed Acyclic Graph, see graph.


A composition of nodes, the graph is a DAG.


The nodes are connected in the graph. A node has an associated operation or can be constructed graph.


The processing primitive of GEGL, is where the actual image processing takes place. Operations are plug-ins and provide the actual functionality of GEGL.


The part of a node that exchanges image content. The place where image "pipes" are used to connect the various operations in the composition.

input pad

consumes image data, might also be seen as an image parameter to the operation.

output pad

a place where data can be requested, multiple input pads can reference the same output pad.


A resampling strategy used for transformations and warps.


Properties control the behaviour of operations. Through the use of GParamSpecs properties they are self documenting via introspection.