Building from source

GEGL and its dependencies are known to work on Linux based systems, windows with msys/mingw, and probably other platforms.


The latest development snapshot, and eventually stable versions of GEGL are available at

The current code under development can be browsed online and cloned from GNOME git using:

$ git clone
$ git clone


GEGL currently builds and works on linux, win32 and OSX most probably also on other systems where glib and gtk+ work.

  • Core

    • glib (including gobject, and gmodule) 2.32 or newer, which provides inheritance, dynamic modules, common algorithms and data structures for C programming.

    • json-glib 1.0.0 or newer, for loading operations from .json format

    • babl 0.1.10 or newer (for pixel-format agnostisism).

    • libpng (png load/export ops, and image magick fallback import)

    • ruby (only if building from git)

  • Optional dependencies for operations.

    • SDL (display op)

    • libjpeg (jpg loader op)

    • libopenexr (exr loader op)

    • libopenraw (raw loader op)

    • cairo, pango (text source op)

    • avcodec, avformat (ff-load and experimental ff-save)

    • librsvg (svg loader)

  • Documentation (this document)

    • asciidoc


To build GEGL type the following in the toplevel source directory:

$ ./configure  # or: ./ if building from git
$ make
$ sudo make install